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What Can Translation Agencies Do For Your Business?

Written By: Jilka - Nov• 11•13

Due to the internet, there is a greater importance for language than just speaking and writing. More people are connected together with the use of the online world, which creates a better market for businesses. However, in order to get to these people you will need translation agencies UK. Nothing is worse than material that is written badly because the individual who wrote it doesn’t fully understand the language.

Since the internet is growing rapidly, the larger the market is expanding. This presents more opportunities for businesses looking to reach out to a larger audience. This is where the need for translation services comes in. Companies will not be able to trust what you tell them if the material is written poorly or the communication does not sound like it comes from a professional. When you have help from translators, you can ensure that the results that delivered are extraordinary. For more information please visit TLC UK translation services.

Your main goal is to bring in new customers from all over the world. Although it is also very important if you are to provide the customers that you already have with support that they are able to communicate with. This is where translation agencies UK are going to be of immense help to you. This ensures that there is efficient communication between you and the other customers, while you are striving to keep the customers happy with everything you do. This is a very important factor of business that you need to look into before you choose which translators you would like to hire.

What Are My Options For Mobile Phone Repairs?

Written By: Jilka - Mar• 25•13

mobile phone picture

Mobile phone repairs represent a common method to save some money. Years ago, most people would rather purchase a new mobile phone instead of repairing the old one. They wanted something new, unique features and facilities. Today, mobile phones are no longer as cheap as they used to be back then. When you spend a fortune on the latest smartphones, you obviously want to keep them for as long as possible. Getting rid of a wrecked smartphone is also expensive, so repairing it is usually a money saver. It makes no difference if the LCD screen cracks or the phone is dropped in water. Some other common problems include the clocked jacks, whether you count the headphones or the recharging jacks. Fortunately, all these problems are easy to fix, but with some limitations. Most importantly, they are a lot cheaper than purchasing a new mobile phone. So what are your options?

The official warranty from the manufacturer
Most manufacturers give out a one or two year warranty, depending on how expensive the respective gadget is. Such warranties are given for new mobile phones. If you get a used one, you should do it from an authorized dealer in order to benefit from a warranty. However, not all of them give out such benefits. If you show up with the warranty, the manufacturer will first have to identify the problem before actually accepting your case. Each warranty policy covers specific defects or problems. Some of them will not necessarily repair your phone if you drop it into water. There are also situations when repairing it is not worth, so you may end up with a new gadget.

Some manufacturers might give out a new phone if you extend the contract. Unless you plan to do so, pay attention to what you actually sign.

Dealership reparations
There are some carriers or dealerships that provide mobile phone repairs according to a written agreement. Make sure you inquire about your problem before leaving the phone there. Although a particular carrier may give out such services, not all of its locations may be responsible for the service. Therefore, give a call first and ask about the nearest repair service in your area. If the phone is still under the warranty, you might end up with a free reparation.

Third party reparations
When the warranty is no longer an option, third party repair shops represent your ultimate solution. This is why they are extremely popular. Some of them are nothing but local repair shops, while others have multiple services throughout the country. Before choosing a particular service, do your homework and look after some reviews. You obviously want the respective technicians to be properly trained. Ask about the experience, a warranty for the respective service and the costs. Most commonly, they will have to open and inspect your gadget in order to set up a diagnostic, unless you actually know what happened. Fortunately, finding a proper technician is not hard, while the expenses are also influenced by the gadget brand and make.

Loft Conversions Harlow – Why hire a professional

Written By: Jilka - Feb• 05•13

Loft conversion is one of the most popularly chosen home improvement plans. In many developing town in Essex, England the number of families are also growing making it difficult for some to move into a new home if necessary. Some may stay in their place for a long time because moving would cost them thousands of pounds. Moreover, moving is also a very stressful and time consuming activity. The worries of finding a good buyer or a good price for your home, transferring the children and finding them a good school are some of the obligations associated with moving into a new home or location.

With loft conversion Harlow house owners who are planning to move may be able to solve their problem and benefit from its cost efficiency. It will reduce the stress while adding additional accommodation to their homes. The falling prices of properties in the market can be also a good reason for them to move up and utilize wasted spaces rather than moving out. However, when considering a loft conversion it is important for home owners to hire a professional to handle the conversion for them. Here are some of the reasons why professional builders are important when transforming a loft space into a functional room.

1. A loft conversion professional have years of experience. He can give you detailed information on different designs that are available in his company.
2. The right professional can also handle the process of the conversion that sometimes may involve securing building requirements and measuring the location.
3. He will determine if the space in your home is right for a loft conversion and will give you an estimated cost and time necessary to complete the process.
4. Professional builders can show you the possible transformation that can be done in your space. You can have a chance to choose a good design that you preferred most. Some of the common types of loft are dormer, Mansard, en-suite and roof light.
5. Experienced contractors can give you better recommendations for a perfect conversion design of your space.

Doing a loft conversion on your own or hiring the wrong person to do it can be very risky. Depending on the type of conversion you may need in your home, you may not be able to meet the building requirements if there is any. With the right company, loft conversion Harlow residential owners can have the feelings of assurance and security when converting an empty space in their property into a relaxing accommodation. Hiring a reputable company can provide your home with the handwork of professionals and creative designs of experienced building experts.

The main reason why many people would choose to find a company to do the conversion is their expertise on the field. Their unique and personal touch or passion for this work can help you achieve the best design that you may need for your conversion. Whether you want to transform an empty space into a game room, study room, spare bedroom or an office space with skylight or windows and even bathrooms, the right team of professionals can complete the entire process on time.

Why most people are fascinated about wholesale clothing in UK?

Written By: Jilka - Nov• 16•12

Clothing is considered one of the important things for without clothing a man may suffer from various health conditions. Nowadays, clothing is not just use as basic commodities but it is also considered a fashion statement. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of fashion designers that constantly create beautiful clothing. However, signature clothing is very expensive. Only a few people have the purchasing power. If you are the average person, you may find it difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends. But with the advent of Wholesale Clothing UK, even average people can now keep on track on the latest fashion trends.

The people of United Kingdom are considered one of the most highly fashionable individuals. Although some of them are unable to purchase expensive designer clothes, still they managed to create their own fashion statement that would let them keep up with the latest trends. Wholesale Clothing UK has been a great help to people because it offers excellent quality clothing at a reasonably lower price. As you notice, most women turn to wholesale clothing for it allows them to purchase more without having the need to extend their budget.

Where can you find the best clothing wholesalers UK?

There are so many clothing wholesalers in United Kingdom. Some of them you can find at traditional brick and mortar store while most of them can be seen online. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of Wholesale Clothing UK online. Each wholesaler offers trendy and genuine clothing at a discounted price. There are also different clothing products to choose from such as jeans, skirt, tops, dresses, and many more.

If you are going to purchase in bulk, then the wholesaler can give you discounts on top of the cheap clothing label. Clothing wholesalers UK brought the clothes at a super discounted price and they will eventually pass on the savings to the customers.

Does clothing wholesaler offer authentic products?

Most clothing wholesalers in UK offer only genuine products. There are also wholesalers that offer low quality products. So you need to carefully check which wholesalers offer the best product at a reasonable cost. If you are going to conduct a thorough research, you would easily figure out which one offers authentic products.

How much money can you save when buying clothes at wholesaler UK?

If you are going to purchase clothes at online wholesaler, you will basically get 50% to 80% discount. Some online wholesalers offer free shipping and freebies with every minimum purchase. Ex chainstore offers excellent quality clothing product at a favorable price. There are several wholesalers that sell ex chain products.

Clothing wholesaler in UK offers products like:

• Tops
• Jackets
• Jeans
• Scarves
• Dresses
• Sunglasses
• Bags
• And many more

With the advent of wholesale clothing UK, everybody can now keep up with the latest clothing trends. Business minded individuals can also take this opportunity in venturing out new business ideas. As you know, wholesale clothing business is in demand and will require you a small amount of capital.

The simplest way to materialize your memories

Written By: Jilka - Oct• 16•12

Photographic printing is the best and easiest way to keep all of those beautiful times close to you and it also ensures their safety. We all know computers might pose a risk to those precious documents you have there and even if you backup your files it is better to have more access to your photos. Classic photo albums will always hold a special place in your family’s bookcase and it’s so much easier to share your memories with your guests and loved ones by just browsing through the album rather than getting your laptop or tablet to open the files, to find different photos you like from different dates and so on.

There are more than one ways of getting your memories on paper. Photographic printing is something that can easily be done from home, or if you want them to look even more fabulous without doing any of the work you can hire professionals to do the job.

The world is changing and that means while the quality of the pictures increase, digital photos demand a little bit more work than the simple ones that used film do. First of all you did not have to develop the photos yourself you just took the film to a developing booth and someone did it for you in just a few hrs. But then you couldn’t preview your pictures, you couldn’t choose your contrast or size and you couldn’t view them from your phone, on your lcd screen TV, and you couldn’t send them through Bluetooth.

There are two ways of putting pictures on paper. The first way requires a little bit more work. If you want to print the pictures yourself you will have to buy special photographic paper, choose the size according to the size selected when you took the photo, and have access to a good printer if you want the picture to come out looking good. The other option is easier but a bit more expensive but similar to what you would be doing with your old camera. Just put the pictures you like on a USB memory stick or take the card out from the camera and go to a copy center or a professional printing shop. You will get the highest quality photos without doing any of the work and you will be able to brag to your friends about your vacation just like you used to before.

Wood flooring installation: should you leave it to the professionals or will it be your next DIY project?

Written By: Jilka - Oct• 09•12

There are many things to consider when thinking about installing your own floors but what it all comes down to is time, patience and experience. If you’ve already purchased your hardwood floors and now want to save some money by doing it yourself what you need to know is that these are the most difficult to install and it would be costly to make mistakes. Another thing worth considering is the possibility of the wood durability being affected in case of an incorrect installation. If this is so then it’s better to opt for professional services that you can purchase from your supplier.

Laminate wood flooring installation is much simpler because of the mechanisms planks use and it takes a lot less than hardwood flooring would.

Because of the structure the flooring has laying down your new floor resembles completing a jigsaw puzzle. Still, it is not all fun and games because patience and correct measurements are needed to complete the task.
It is best to start at one corner of the room you want to finish and move from there.

As in most home DIY projects you have to keep yourself safe. Your eyes and ears are very important as you will be using tools like the utility knife. Wedge, hammer or saw.

The first thing you have to make sure of is that the floor is smooth and stable. It is best you are sure the saw you will use to cut the planks that reach door entries will not chip the wood.

There will always be pro and con arguments to having a professional for your wood flooring installation but what it comes down to is simply will. Installing laminate wood floors requires a little patience and focus and it can be done in almost no time. On the other hand by hiring someone specialized in wood works you will not have to take any chances or spend more money in case anything goes wrong. Hiring a professional means you don’t have to get your hands dirty, that you don’t have to buy any tools and that you can use your time differently.

No matter what you choose to do your wood flooring installation will raise the value of your home, make it more beautiful and most importantly, increase your comfort level. Maintenance is so much easier when comparing laminate flooring to any other type of flooring.

Laminate floors are the most durable type of wooden floors one can buy. Humidity doesn’t pose a threat to the treated, plastic coated planks; it improves your home’s aspect radically and because it is inexpensive there is no reason not to remodel.

Buy to let mortgage: how to choose what’s best for you

Written By: Jilka - Oct• 01•12

buy to let mortgage

If you’re looking for a new way to increase you’re income while giving yourself the opportunity of economic growth than you can benefit from a buy to let mortgage package that will open new doors and help you reach your goal.

It’s important for future landlords to understand that no matter how nicely a loan package sounds it’s imperious that we do some math before signing a contract. You have to choose the best you can handle because this is an area that can be very costly, a lot of things can happen and rates can take us by surprise.

Before anything else you have to make sure that you will also have other means for subsidence not only the tenants’ monthly rent. There are precautions to be taken because if after you’ve contracted the best buy to let mortgage, you realize you can’t follow the terms of the contract you will lose precious time and money invested in this new business not to mention the propriety itself.

Going online to find out more in the first step you have to take. You will find there are many products with different interest rates and different calculating systems for monthly rates depending on the investor or bank.

The variable rate changes according to the terms induces bi LIBOR(London Inter Bank Offer Rate). This is one of the most profitable products in terms of interest rates but it is also one of the most risky ones. You can opt for this if you have a very stable income besides the one that the loan itself will offer through  the rent you will be receiving.

The fixed rate loan is perfect if you want to know exactly what you will be paying so you can scratch up a profit-loss scheme to help you clear things up. It might be a little more costly but the benefits are worth it as it involves virtually no risk, no changes and it gives you access to information that will help you take things further, faster.

The discounted rate type of loan will help you if you need a variable rate, lower at one point but you have to pay attention before closing the deal. It may result in you having to pay a very high rate for a very long amount of time. It’s best if you need to buy time in order to increase your income.

For a large number of buy to let mortgage loans customized for your needs it’s best you seek specialized guidance. A mortgage broke will understand your needs, provide the best products and offer access to the biggest number of investors so you can rest assured you will be getting the best services.

What to look for in an LCD repair technician

Written By: Jilka - Sep• 17•12

MacBook LCD repair isn’t something that will impact the way your MacBook works in the future but choosing the right repair man or woman is important because it saves you money on the long run. There are a few tips you can use to get better service and hire the right type of people.

Only hire companies that are Apple certified. This way you know the manufacturer is satisfied with the work they’re doing. It’s a bit of a risk going to an unauthorized service because you have no guarantee that they actually know what they’re doing.

You want to look for an expert that can evaluate the situation correctly. In some cases you only need MacBook LCD repair and not replacement, the best decision would be to go with these guys here http://www.screens4laptops.com/apple_laptop.php. It’s pretty easy to realize when someone can only replace something. Always look for the person that will first try to repair and look for the ideal rather than most expensive solution for you, like the Screens4Laptops.com guys.

Something that is distinctive when it comes to a specialists’ behavior is price evaluation. They will always inform you at least approximately of how much the parts cost and how much their services cost so you will always have a clear view over things rather than wondering exactly how much it will add up to.

A professional always offer warranty with the repair and you should also be able to purchase it for a longer period of time after the first one has expired. If they seem a bit unsecure then just continue your search. Even though MacBook LCD repair isn’t the end of the line for your MacBook, it doesn’t mean it’s not important. It’s best you employ only the best specialists because that will prolong your device’s life and it will eventually save you money.

There is a solution to the frustrating cable problem

Written By: Jilka - Sep• 13•12

Organization is the key to an efficient lifestyle. It never hurts to take a few minutes and clarify things. It will result in a very positive new way of seeing things and it will help you reach your goals faster.
Most of us just try to ignore the cable mess behind the desk but ignoring it isn’t solving it and the solution is so simple and easy that it’s shocking.

It’s amazing how much space you can save by just organizing the wires with the use of cable ties.

cable ties picture

These come in a large array of colors but the most common ones are made out of plastic. The cable ties enable you to safely tie together more wires of similar importance thus making your desk more manageable and less crowded.
With the use of this simple tool you can eliminate those horrible cable knots forever and all it takes is a few minutes of organizing that will keep your space tidy for months at least.

There are more types of cable ties. Some are used for the outdoors, and in some countries they’re even used as improvised handcuffs.

Generally the cable tie once used has to be destroyed to release the objects from its grip but there they are also being made for other duties and from different materials. Heavy duty ties are used to hold together up to 175 lbs and 60 inches.

Reusable cable ties have either a trigger or pawl release and they are used in offices or places where it is likely that changes will be necessary and there for it is useless to buy something that will just be destroyed over and over again.

The concept is used to create products available in all sizes, colors and are made using a large variety of materials.

The stylish choice for the perfect dining room

Written By: Jilka - Sep• 04•12

Choosing the perfect décor whether it is for your restaurant or just your family’s dining room is complicated. This is the same image you will see, every day, for a really long while there for only the best choices can be made.

Nothing makes dining rooms, big or small, look more sophisticated than extra large rugs. The size is important as it can make the space look crowded if the rug is too big and someone might stumble at some point in the future. It’s best you have something resembling a walking space between the rug and the wall.

Most extra large rugs are decent priced and they look just perfect in a luxurious hotel or as the centre piece for your family room. There are many websites that specialize in selling extra large rugs. They also provide photos and whatever support you might need. After figuring out what size, colour and style you need to make that space stand out try browsing through a few designs, you might be just a few clicks away from making the best choice.

Oakley glasses: not exclusively sport equipment

Written By: Jilka - Aug• 15•12

One of the most well received products under the Oakley glasses name are the driving glasses. Designs slightly differ for men and women models but the result is the same. One of the best products on the market today uses the newest technology ensuring your safety from harmful rays while driving.

The professional Vision2You Oakley sunglasses uses continuous lens, wide design optimizing peripheral visibility, high definition optics that ensures you get a crystal clear view on things, C-5 alloy lightweight yet tough frame, maximized clarity using the patented XZY Oakley optics and optical pure Plutonite that neutralizes the impact of any UV or harmful blue light.

They use the best expertise to minimize glare and to raise impact resistance. The materials are carefully picked so that they can build the best driving glasses you’ve ever had. The light frame design is made so that it stays on at all times but in a way that does not stop the airflow and just makes them feel so comfortable you will even forget you’re wearing them. The professional lens used in all Oakley glasses designs will make things look clearer than ever before.
All of that comes in a stylish package that will go with whatever you’re wearing so that you can use them whenever you need without having to plan ahead. The ones that built the best products in its category took everything into consideration and a bit more just to make sure and that is why you will love your new Oakley glasses.

An unconventional way of saying I’m sorry

Written By: Jilka - Aug• 10•12

The most difficult part of understanding that you have made a mistake is apologizing. We all have our moments and have to make up for them this is why someone had to think of a way of doing what’s right without feeling even worst about it and this is how sorry cards came to be.

Now there are so many types of sorry cards available that we start to ask ourselves what it is that we actually do right. Sorry cards are so famous because most of them try to make things better by using all means possible. They try to make up for whatever went wrong by using witty and funny lines because laughing about it is the best way of getting over things.
sorry card example
If you did something you regret but you want to make the person you care about smile again and keep your relationship just as it was before than this is the perfect solution for you.
The funniest sorry cards are available online anytime you need them. Now the only thing left to do is to find the one that suits you.

Ideas for work wear for women

Written By: Jilka - Aug• 07•12

Numerous women find it difficult to shop for work wear. They are stylish or at least nice in their everyday life, but when they go to the office, they only wear dark clothes and always pants, never skirts. These women work in an office and yes, a dress code is imposed, but this does not mean that as a woman, you have to hide yourself behind long pants and boring blouses.

If you are finding it too difficult to find workwear for women, you should direct your attention towards designer’s clothes. There are numerous designers who have created special business lines for women who work. Most of them put an accent on work dresses, as well as skirt suits. Skirt suits should definitely be present in your wardrobe, as they are very stylish, very feminine and they come in numerous colors and cuts that you will like. Choose a skirt suit with an original blazer and you’ll see how special and beautiful you will feel wearing it.

Working in an office does not necessarily mean being a boring person; yes, offices are generally boring, but you can be the bit of color that lights up the place. You can wear bright colors such as yellow, orange or light green, you can wear purple and blue and even powerful colors such as red. You can wear anything you want as long as it is not too much for an office, as long as the colors and the patterns are representative for a business woman.

Pent sheds: easy and practical

Written By: Jilka - Jul• 31•12

The easiest garden sheds you can put together are pent sheds. Their design is classic, practical and best of all really uncomplicated compared to all the others. This is a shed that will work esthetically speaking for your home because it works for most almost any homes. It will look like it was always there. It mergers with the yards landscape and this makes it the perfect beginner’s project.

This is perfect if you haven’t really built things before but you need more storage place, you’re set on learning something new, gaining experience and saving a lot of money while doing it.

Pent sheds can be placed anywhere due to their shape and the simple roof. You can place it next to the fence or even next to the wall this way acting almost like an extension. A major advantage is that you don’t need any type of legal approval for building it.

The slight pitch of the roof makes is suitable for all kinds of weather and if you decide to use wood as your construction material you can rest assured this will stay in your yard for a long time.
If you decide to construct the shed yourself maybe you would like to take into consideration the idea of having one of your friends help you. This doesn’t necessarily have to be work; it can be so much fun if someone you know helps you.

Before starting you have to be very careful in choosing the materials. If you want something durable it’s better to spend more on wood and make sure its weather proof. Use a coat or paint it to suit your home.

Take the landscape into account. Don’t place the shed under a tree as that may cause problems if there’s a storm. Placing your pent shed is just as important as building it because depending on where it is it can make your home look better, blending with it or it can look like something that was just placed there.

The main advantage when you have decided to make your own is personalization. Feel free to add as many windows and as many shelves, to paint it however you like. It doesn’t have to look standard because it isn’t. It’s yours.

A walk through the past

Written By: Jilka - Jul• 23•12

Lingerie has been around for a little over 100 years. Before that, women’s underwear was large, uncomfortable and restrictive. A perfect example of that is the clasping corset worn by most women of the time. The corset continued to be in style another 50 years or so, the main use was to modify the shape of the body rather than keep it relaxed and healthy.

The first lingerie models had similar designs to corsets but made in a skin friendly manner. There was only one lair of material and the cuts were simpler, more modern. At that time this was a bold move.
From that lingerie designers started exploring, creating modern feminine pieces that were influenced by trends, fashion, political and social points of view.

It’s only in the 1900s that women started giving up corsets for lighter, more comfortable lingerie. That was a consistent, revolutionary time for women. It was about freedom being reflected everywhere, work, dancing, clothing.
The brassiere offered comfort, it was made to fit better, the texture was soft and feminine and it looked so much better. It was bound to be a huge success. Today there are so many shapes and sizes to choose from. Some offer support while others ensure comfort by using less material and better cuts.

Some brands have survived all of the fashion changes through time by taking advantage of all the new evolution opportunities. Brands like HANRO that have a huge history behind them know exactly how and what to use this experience to create living art through the most intimate piece of clothing you can have.

HANRO has been around for more than 100 years and has not changed at all when it comes to the quality it ensures and the type of lingerie it produces for women. Comfortable, skin friendly, elegant, feminine pieces for the modern woman, just as it did so long ago. They find quality, elegance and detail to be more important than quantity and trend and this is why they will continue to be one of the most important names out there.

How to prevent the wrinkling of dress shirts

Written By: Jilka - Jul• 13•12

Even though this sounds almost impossible, preventing the numerous wrinkles that appear on dress shirts is a real thing. If the person who needs to purchase a new shirt dress directs the attention towards the fabric used for its manufacturing, the first step towards preventing the wrinkles is made. Once the dress shirt is bought, the person who bought it must make sure that he or she offers a little bit of care to its laundering. Next, making sure that the dress shirt is properly hung in the closet is also going to help the clothing item resist wrinkling. Let’s take it step by step and try to find out more.

If you don’t have too much time to offer attention towards the wrinkles of your dress shirts, then it is a good idea to follow a few steps in order to prevent them from getting wrinkled. As a result, attention is required right from the moment when the shirts are bought. Purchasing a shirt that is not made only of cotton is a very good idea. Shirts made of cotton in combination with other fabrics such as polyester or rayon better resist to wrinkles.

While the dresses are being washed, it is recommended to use a fabric softener; then, while the dresses are drying, the use of a fabric softener sheet is a very good idea. This is the next step towards a dress shirt with fewer wrinkles. Once the washing cycle is over, it is recommended to immediately remove the dress shirts from the washing machine. Being in a twisted pile is only going to produce numerous wrinkles which will be difficult to iron. The same should be done after the dryer cycle is over; when the cycle ends, the dress shirt should be immediately be removed and placed on a hanger. Folding the shirts in order to put them into the closet is a very bad idea, as this will produce numerous wrinkles. Always put them on a hanger and place them inside the closet only if they are placed on their own, separate hanger.

Do all these and you’ll manage to prevent the wrinkling of your dress shirts.

The perfect tour from New York to the Niagara Falls

Written By: Jilka - Jul• 05•12

niagara falls image

New York, also known as the Big Apple, is a city where the rich and famous find everything they need. New York manages to attract the attention of tourists with its skyscrapers, its museums and shopping venues, but if you are in New York, you are already tired of seeing all these day after day. This summer, you can change the setting by choosing to join one of the New York Niagara tours available at any travel agency. These tours are very popular because they help you get out from the busy city and take you to a different environment. If you are stressed and extremely tired after an entire year of hard work, visiting the Niagara Falls will help you recharge your batteries.

One of the most famous New York Niagara tours is a 2 day tour. A lot of people choose it because it is the type of tour that only focuses on the beauties that New York has to offer in contrast with the beauties that the Niagara Falls offer. In the first day, you’ll departure from New York and head towards northwest. The road will take you through the imposing mountains and lead you towards the scenic area of the upstate New York. The Finger Lakes with their rolling hills and the diverse ethnic heritage in this area are going to make a wonderful impression on you. This area is famous for its wine production, so you can taste a delicious glass of wine before reaching the climax of your destination: the massive Niagara Falls.

If you choose this tour in the summer and not in the autumn, then you will also have the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience by going on a cruise on Niagara River. The cruise will take you very close to the base of the thundering waterfalls, so the close-ups that you will take are going to be absolutely amazing. After enjoying a 360 degrees view of the waterfalls from the top of the Skylon Tower, you’ll return to New York City, enjoying once again the breathtaking, picturesque countryside. Enjoy your short getaway!

Coptic Studies

Written By: Jilka - Apr• 02•12

Jill Kamil’s CHRISTIANITY IN THE LAND OF THE PHARAOHS: The Coptic Orthodox Church, is published in hardback by Routledge London and New York, and in Paperback by The American University in Cairo Press, this book places Egypt’s Coptic minority in historical context. It covers the whole span of Egyptian history from Pharaonic, through Roman, Chalcedonian and Islamic times to modern, and illustrates how the Christian ideal of poverty, chastity and piety is acted in different modes of behaviour throughout Egypt. In particular, it shows that Coptic art is an essential link in the whole chain of Egyptian art history.

Interest – Labib Habachi

Written By: Jilka - Apr• 02•12

LABIB HABACHI – The Life and Legacy of an Egyptologist, published by the American University in Cairo Press, is a long overdue biography is of Egypt’s most perceptive and productive Egyptologist. Here is a survey of Egyptian archaeology in the twentieth century in which Habachi’s work is measured against that of his best-known contemporaries, and here too is the full story of his major discovery on Elephantine in 1946 which was shelved by Egypt’s Antiquities Department for thirty years. When finally released for publication it became the subject of a heated controversy between Habachi and Gerhardt Haeny of the Swiss Institute of Archaeology in Cairo that was never resolved.

Kamil says, “An insight into the confrontations between scholars; details of what happened when the Antiquities Service was nationalized after the 1952 revolution; and Labib Habachi’s unhappy discord with the national institution during most of his career, could not have been understood except through his personal experiences….”

What scholars say:

“Labib Habachi was a major figure in mid-twentieth-century Egyptology and this biography provides a valuable perspective on the development of Egyptian Egyptology and an important chapter in the history of ideas and cultures”. (Jason Thompson, author of the definitive biography of the Egyptologist Sir Gardner Wilkinson)

“Labib Habachi was a dear friend for over ten years and a respected colleague for nearly forty. His role in helping to establish indigenous Egyptian Egyptology—and his impact on Egyptology generally—was formidable. Labib was – and continues to be – a role model for Egyptian Egyptology students, and this book deserves to be also published in Arabic.” (Kent R. Weeks, Professor Emeritus of Egyptology, The American University in Cairo and Director, The Theban Mapping Project)

“Labib Habachi was an exceptional Egyptologist with unique knowledge of the historical topography of Egypt from Aswan to the Delta. He was the first to identify Avaris (the Hyksos capital) and Piramesse (the city of Ramses II), with the area of Qantir and Tell el-Dab’a”. (Rainer Stadelman, retired director of the German Archaeological Institute, Cairo).

“Labib Habachi had an encyclopaedic knowledge of ancient Egypt and was always generous with his time, helpful and good-humoured”. (Torgny Säve-Söderbergh, Department of Egyptology, Uppsala University, Sweden).

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Written By: Jilka - Apr• 02•12

Two ground-breaking books provide an unique perspective of the Egypt’s

Pharaonic and Christian heritages

LABIB HABACHI – The Life and Legacy of an Egyptologist is the biography a major figure in mid-twentieth-century Egyptology, an Egyptian who was marginalised for most of his career.

CHRISTIANITY IN THE LAND OF THE PHARAOHS – The Coptic Orthodox Church weaves together
historical research with absorbing stories that offer a captivating insight into a side of Egypt that will be new
to many readers.

Jill Kamil, a writer specialising in Egyptology and Coptic history who has lived in Egypt since 1954, is the author of The Ancient Egyptians: How they Lived and Worked (1976), published in revised form as The Ancient Egyptians: Life in the Old Kingdom in 1985. Her unique format guidebooks to Luxor, Sakkara and Memphis, and Upper Egypt and Nubia, were first published in the l970’s, and came out in revised editions in 1996 under the title Jill Kamil Guides. They are still on the market. Kamil has also written history and guides to Aswan and Abu Simbel, and The Monastery of Saint Catherine in Sinai, published in 1991 and 1993 respectively. She contributed chapters on these subjects to two titles in the Insight Guide series – Egypt and The Nile.

For the last fifteen years she has been founding Heritage Page editor of Al-Ahram Weekly, Egypt’s leading English language newspaper, for which she has written on subjects related to Pharaonic Egypt and early Christianity.